Islands Deli

Yesterday the temperatures hovered around 90 degrees, which meant it was time to head for the beautiful Sonoma Coast beaches. We heard about another transplanted Hawaiian who opened a deli next to Lucas Wharf in Bodega Bay. We headed out to find “Islands Deli” as we also heard that they use mahimahi for their fish in the “fish and chips” entree. We met Mike Phillips who left Honolulu many moons ago and is now the proud owner of “Islands Deli.” And FYI, he does use mahimahi and it was about the best we’ve ever had… nice light and crisp batter that does not detract from the wonderful flavor of mahimahi.

For those homesick Hawaiians, Mike serves daily specials which include beef stew, teriyaki beef or teriyaki chicken, and is serving plate lunches complete with macaroni salad. Grab a plate lunch and head to your favorite beach and just watch those waves crashing against the rocks… you’d almost think you were in Hawaii!

We hope to see you soon.

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