In-Room Massage

Relax and rejuvenate in the privacy of your own room. Our massage therapists will work wonders! Please request your preferred massage at time of reservation or 48 hours in advance.  NOTE – We are not offering massages at this time due to Covid 19

Swedish/Esalon Massage
A traditional western-style massage using kneading, rubbing, rolling, and friction, as well as tapotement (tapping) on the body, to relax and stimulate circulation.

60 minutes – $135
75 minutes – $155
90 minutes – $170

Deep-Tissue Massage
Addresses the second, and sometimes third, layer of muscle in the body. Releases chronic patterns of tension through slow strokes and deep finger pressure.

60 minutes – $145
75 minutes – $165

A very detailed and relaxing treatment of the feet, hands, and ears. Treatment of these areas also “reflexes” to other parts of the body.

60 minutes – $135

Add Aromatherapy
Massage combined with the aromatic and 100 percent pure essential oils. Choose from three different blends — relaxing, stimulating, or balancing. These essential oils, which have various healing qualities, are absorbed through the skin and through inhaling the scent.
Add $20 to any massage.